the colors and the kill

by sad accordions



Some time has passed since the Austin based 5 piece outfit Sad Accordions have released any recorded material, but the band is now set to release the follow-up to their full length A Bad Year For The Sharons. The 6 song EP titled the colors and the kill will be released digitally on March 1st, 2011 with limited edition hand designed CD's available from the band and at their shows.

Recorded and mixed by Andrew Hernandez (Balmorhea, Tiny Vipers, Sleep Whale) @ Premium Recordings in Austin, TX, the 6 song EP finds Sad Accordions delving into a songwriting format not previously heard recorded. A recording that will begin to define the evolution of the band and its collaborative songwriting style as each track passes. Slow building rockers that collapse into sonic landscapes cohabiting with delicate looping acoustics and moody lyrical intensity.

"To us, this record feels like the beginning steps of becoming a different kind of band than the one that we have been. It feels like a collective growth, one that we've all experienced and participated in together. We're very happy to have it out in other people's ears, and we're looking forward to seeing how we continue to grow and to change, as individuals and as a band." -Seth Woods


released March 1, 2011

arranged and produced by sad accordions and andrew hernandez
recorded and mixed by andrew hernandez @ premium recordings, austin, tx july 2009
mastered by carl saff @ saff mastering, chicago, il
painting: ben lance
design and art direction: joy gallagher

sad accordions are: joy gallagher, nathaniel gallagher, lee kitchens, ben lance, seth woods
additional vocals on "inside out" by andrew hernandez

all songs:
music by sad accordions, lyrics by seth woods, © 2011 sad accordions/firemarshall productions,
"sacrificial chumpsucker diatribe" music by ben lance, lyrics by seth woods © 2011 pillbox publishing/firemarshall productions;
"fallen czars" music and lyrics by ben lance © 2011 pillbox publishing;
"the holy desert blooms" music and lyrics by seth woods © 2011 firemarshall productions.

and if the duty of my dejections
takes me into the sky, no one
must follow me. Not mother
made of balsa wood, not father,
the plinth. Even you, my love,
must not get covered with that ash.

Why am I so afraid of nothingness?
My soul is a baby wolf.

- from "the new savagery" by dean young



all rights reserved
Track Name: sacrificial chumpsucker diatribe
sweep me off my feet
what did you find in the back seat, officer?
i can explain myself
what did you find in the back seat?

i offered her a slow go around on your lopsided waterwheel
spinnin' out forever
caught ya - spit it out
and don't let me ever find you
falling back on that bad news

we all heard about your...
everybody knows about your...
(but you're in good company)

cos i was high at the top of the hill
when that call came at me in flame
my legs were shaking but that voice was so still
and now its got me stretched out over all of my names

all of those dusty dusty
paragraph hyphenated, downstream overrated
concubine alibis - upstaged and confiscated
heat blastin' gutter spouts
death dodgin' desert trout
got my shit all scattered about
because i'm secretly an...

bet you never took me for an...
don't you wish you'd never seen my...
can't forget the place i found that...
raise it up and wave it like an...
bear it with you back into the...
once more, dear friends now with me...
lay it down again and again again again
and can you hear me when i...
Track Name: you can't hide from it
i can't look anymore
i won't read what you wrote
i can barely live my life

is it already night?
i just woke from the last one not long ago
does this ever start to feel right

what are you standing there for?
got your face to the window and your back to the door
is that a good way to die?

i have read the reports
i have heard the stories of how the cancer grows
till you can't stand upright

so please don't show me any more
i don't want to see clearly what my fears already know
that we will never survive
with the devil outside

you can't hide
(from the devil outside)
Track Name: fallen czars
they're filling all the houses in with sand
they're trying to erase all memory of the man
he didn't necessarily do anything wrong
but he spoke his mind, yeah he spoke his mind
he didn't necessarily say he wasn't on their side
but he spoke in rhymes that confused their minds

he tried to stick it out and make amends
but when shit got tough caught the first train to east berlin
he got a place with a couple cabaret stars
above the besirk mitte bordello called "the fallen czar"
they'd drink all night, they'd sleep all day
they'd make love in the back of a corner cafe

he didn't necessarily do anything wrong
but he lost his mind, yeah he lost his mind
so he sips his tea with a rag company
all the sons of fallen stars so properly obscene
Track Name: Savage
i walked to the city's edge
i climbed atop the high cliffs
i looked out across the sea
as the sun rose to meet the water,
i held my breath
and waited for the face of something

a little savagery's all i need

and the night came
and the stars fell
and my eyes shown
and the deeps swelled
with new life
and cold fire

high city walls
protect us from the waters' arms
bring me my love in earthen jars
but see my child is safe and warm

the wind speaks up terrible
the winter waves are far from meek
but i have spoken with the gulls
and they do not intend to rescue me

a little savagery's all i need
Track Name: inside out
shake yourself apart
into shapes that will not hold
hold this sacred heart
safely till i go away from here again
down that line that winds around the bend
forever at my door! forever at my door!
pointing into the horizon like and open wound
i pour myself into, i've torn myself in two
i've worn myself right through and now i'm

burning from the indside, buring from the inside out

they say every grain of sand
and every little star
knows the master plan
that's hidden in my heart
but my heart is like a dance floor - boom boom boom
looking for a miracle, an empty tomb
to be hung over in from drinking at the fountain of my youth
wasted on beauty, waiting on truth
waiting on the night to come alive!
waiting on the gods to take this fire from me
and put it to use

i cant' take you in the summer
i can't face you in the sun
i can't be led to the water
just to watch the water run
i can see you from the tower of my shame
i can make out the words, but i can't say your name
i can stand here forever if you think i should
i'd dance with you if i could love, but i'm still burning from the inside out
Track Name: the holy desert blooms
see the river run
run into the hills
cuts a line between
the colors and the kill
leaves them torn apart
separate and flanked
by the sky, lit cold and stark
unfolded like the face
of our arid unmarked parts

i will often wake
in the thicket of the night
with an open wound
inside my heated mind
where a certain voice has sway
over any peace or bliss
and she will see me hanged
for all my dead promises
for all the days that i tried

my love take off your shoes
we don't need them to run
meet me on the roof
on the surface of the sun
where we will always burn
and we may never learn
but we will never turn
no we will never turn
we will never turn
we'll stand our ground and burn
we'll die and then return
then our love will be true
and my Self will be through
and all my old ways will be new
and my "i"s will all be "you"s

in my darkest breath
in the longest hour
in my time of need
my holy desert flower